Our Core Values

We value God and His Presence Through the Holy Spirit

We value All People Without Christ

People without Christ matter to God and so matter to us, and therefore we invest our resources to passionately reach them wherever they are through the guidance of the Holy Spirit

We value All Believers in Christ

We value all believers in Christ and their personal devotion to Christ, baptism in the Holy Spirit, Christian family life, spiritual growth and maturity, and living in obedience to the will of God

We value The Word of God

We value the Word of God as the final authority for life and godliness; therefore, we are dedicated to equipping believers through the preaching and teaching of the unchanging Word of God to live like Christ in this changing world.

We value Personal and Corporate Prayer

We value personal and corporate Prayer; therefore, we are committed to developing a praying people, ensuring that the ministries and programs of Living Word are characterized by prayer in their conception, planning and execution.

We value Praise and Worship

We value Praise & Worship, therefore we praise and worship God as a lifestyle, glorifying God daily with our whole being, through all scriptural means (list them: psalms, hymns and spiritual songs; dancing)

We value Good Works

We believe that we are saved by grace through faith to do good works—carrying each other’s burdens, sharing our possessions, loving, serving, caring for the vulnerable in our society.

We value Leadership Development

We believe that every believer is a leader, therefore we endeavour to train, equip and empower and release them to function as servant leaders after the model of Christ.

We value The Call to Ministry

We believe that the work of the ministry is not limited to the clergy, but everyone in the body of Christ has been uniquely designed to serve God in their area of giftedness. Therefore, we are committed to equipping, encouraging, and actively helping every member to be a minister (lay).

We value Stewardship

We believe that we are all stewards of the time, talent and treasure given to us by God. Therefore, we equip every believer to be a faithful steward, demonstrated through promptness, generosity and excellence.